Friday, September 23, 2016

How Responsive Web Design Will Benefit Your Business

Technology has given us different types of devices in the past few years. People are reaching out to the internet for all their requirements and they have the advantage of location independence. They no longer have to go back to their desktops to access their needs. To keep pace with the changing demands business owners too are investing on modifying their websites to be ahead of their competitors. The sites have to run on these smaller gadgets and the response too has to be fast.

advantages of responsive web design

Advantages of responsive web design:

1.Enhances user experience

Every organization big or small, irrespective of their industry are working on responsive website design strategies. It makes the website look neater and more attractive. The important issue here is it fits into the different sizes of the varying devices without changing the codes. This increases the user experience and make a visitor stay on the site. Visitors do not like browsing sites that are slow or difficult to use.

2. Cost-effective:

It decreases operating costs as only one design will work on all the devices and any update reflects across all the devices be it a desktop or mobile without the need of developing two separate websites. Building separate websites mean paying for each site again and again. Responsive web design requires the company to pay for their website only once. It also saves them a lot of time as it requires only one set of hypertext links. It also frees the SEO team to focus on one site while gaining visibility into new markets.


Consumers today are embracing the smartphones and tablets to search for almost everything. Many businesses are losing customers as they are unable to give them their services on mobile phones. With mobile website design the customers are able to visit the websites from any location and on any compatible device. Mobile shopping is the trend today. Online businesses get a boost to their sales as the ecommerce businesses are targeting their audience with more and more mobile apps.

4. SEO ranking:

responsive website design strategies
One of Google’s objective is to make information available to the public across the globe without much difficulty. Responsive site design makes available information from every device with its neat layout. Since it does not require different versions for tablets or desktops it removes the risks of content duplication, which is considered illegal and the business is liable to be punished. With responsive designs the website will have only one URL for all the devices. It also reduces page upload time, which again is a google criteria for better ranking. Responsive designs will gain a business more satisfied customers which is the key factor for improving conversions and enhance business performance and productivity.

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